TNA Wrestling Pay Per View

I got some shots at a TNA wrestling event I went to over the weekend.  I think they are okay?


Black and White Landscape

I took some of these went I went back to Tampa over Thanksgiving break.

Black and White Mood

I took these photos during the Night of Lights Festival held over the weekend in downtown St Augustine.  After the lights were turned on I was on my way home when I spotted a marching band, after filming them for a bit I noticed the mayor was right behind them so I started walking with him and his wife and got an interview. They walked all the way towards the Lightner building, so I snapped some shots.  I wasn’t expecting the homeless protestors or the Occupy crowd to be holding up signs.  I thought it created it’s own mood of despair during what is classed as a happy moment for the town as seen by the classy people who are led my a marching band to continue the festivities at the Lightner Museum, but then you see the numbers on the signs and what they are trying to say and it creates an entirely different atmosphere.








Mary Ann Hickox, freshman theater major, rehearsing for her role in The Chess Game.  This December, the Theater Department will host the Senior Conservatories, this is just one of eight that will be performed.








This baby was staring at me during the Occupy St Augustine Protest, so I took a picture.