Crab Field







This crab is attempting to hide from my lens.







Running away from the lens.









The field at sunset.


Silly Walk Fail












This girl was attempting to silly walk last week while trying to gather more people to take part in the photo clubs’ silly walk photo shoot.  She tripped on her pants and this was the only shot I was able to take while she was going down, also wordpress wouldn’t let me flip this without the picture not showing up, adding some kind of sideways world effect.









These guys were hanging outside on Hypolita and St George jamming out.  My video cut out right before the end of the last word of their band name, they said Evolutionary…something..something.  I meant to send them this because I really liked the way you can see the trumpet players face on the horn.

Outside Low Light

While traversing along US 1 I spotted this kitten hanging out on the sidewalk all by himself.  He had a quite a leap and I couldn’t understand why he was out there by himself near a busy highway.  The flash frightened him the first time so I had to jack up the ISO to get a good picture using the light from a near by lamppost.  I regret not taking him home with me.